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Stormy Weather ALFRED NEWMAN

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Artist / Band: OST / Soundtrack
Title / Titel: Stormy Weather ALFRED NEWMAN
Label: Membran 2004
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

1. Twentieth Century Fox fanfare
2. Overture / Stromy weather ballet
3. Walking' the dog
4. There's no two ways about love
5. At a Georgia meeting
6. Linda Brown
7. Moppin' and boppin'
8. That ain't right
9. Ain't misbehavin'
10. Dinga dinga doo
11. I lost my sugar in Salt Lake City
12. Nobody's sweetheart
13. I can't give you anything but love
14. Geechy Joe
15. Stormy weather
16. There's no two ways about love (Reprise)
17. My, my ain't that somethin' (Reprise)
18. Jumpin' jive
19. My, my, aint that somethin'
20. Good for nothin' Joe
21. Ain't misbehavin' (Alternate Ending)
22. I lost my sugar in Salt Lake City (Alternate)
23. Body and soul
24. Alfred the moocher