Ovary Lodge - same (Keith Tippett)

What Disc 1999

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Artist / Band: Ovary Lodge
Title / Titel: same (Keith Tippett)
Label: What Disc 1999
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU

1. First Born
2. Mountain Temple in Spring Pt. 1: Amethyst, Gold and Royal Blue (My Way)
3. Pt. 2: A Frail Winter Butterfly, Beneath the Spell of Moon Is Sleeping
4. Tropic of Capricorn
5. Come on In
6. Nursery Rhyme
7. Sylphs in Pisces

Bass - Harry Miller
Mixed By, Edited By, Producer - Ovary Lodge
Percussion, Voice, Flute [Hsiao], Organ [Shêng] - Frank Perry
Photography - Franz Nager , Jak Kilby
Piano, Harmonium, Recorder, Voice, Maracas - Keith Tippett
Recorded By, Mixed By, Edited By, Producer - Keith Beal
Voice, Recorder [Sopranino], Violin [Er-hu] - Julie Tippetts