Patterson, Bobby

Texas Soulman Extraordinaire

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Artist / Band: Patterson, Bobby
Title / Titel: Texas Soulman Extraordinaire
Label: Demon 2012
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU

1. This Whole Funky World Is A Ghetto
2. If You Took A Survey
3. It Takes Two To Do Wrong
4. How Do You Spell Love
5. Right On Jody
6. Quiet! Do Not Disturb
7. I Just Loved You Because I Wanted To
8. Make Sure You Can Handle It
9. What Goes Around Comes Around
10. If Love Can't Do It (It Can't Be Done)
11. Everything Good To You (Don't Have To Be Good For You)
12. I Get My Groove From You
13. Recipe For Peace
14. I'm In The Wrong
15. One Ounce Of Prevention
16. Take Time To Know The Truth
17. She Don't Have To See You (To See Through You)