Pendergrass, Teddy

Same + Life Is a Song Worth Singing

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Artist / Band: Pendergrass, Teddy
Title / Titel: Same + Life Is a Song Worth Singing
Label: Demon Music 2004
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

1. You can't hide from yourself
2. Somebody told me
3. Be sure
4. And if I had
5. I don't love you anymore
6. The whole town's laughing at me
7. Easy, easy, got to take it easy
8. The more I get, the more I want
9. Life is a song worth singing
10. Only you
11. Cold, cold world
12. Get up, get down, get funky, get loose
13. Close the door
14. It don't hurt now
15. When somebody loves you back