Phrank - What's Your Pleasure (P.I.L.)

GMR 2002

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Artist / Band: Phrank
Title / Titel: What's Your Pleasure (P.I.L.)
Label: GMR 2002
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU

2.Bebopelula bikini baby
4.This is not a lovesong
6.Cash is king
7.Clay penetration
10.Nuke the children
11.Six past 7 II
12.De stroy the hole
13.Whale song
14.Whats your pleasure

The Swedish band Phrank are noisy, industrial and techno, the missing link between Rammstein and The Prodigy. Features the debut single, an outstanding hard and heavy cover of P.I.L.'s 'This Is Not A Love Song'. 14 tracks in all. Future Sounds. 2002.