Dark Side Of The Room

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Artist / Band: Plainsong
Title / Titel: Dark Side Of The Room
Label: Pefect Pitch, 1993
Format: CD
Zustand: Gebraucht, wie neu, , Cutout

1. Nothing's Changed
2. Unusual Girl
3. Breaking the Bones of the World
4. Under the Volcano
5. Jenny
6. Say a Prayer
7. Sweet Amelia (Cloud Nine)
8. If I Needed Rain
9. Evening Sun
10. Welcome to London Town
11. Dream Goes On
12. Towie
13. Bluebird Morning
14. Next Time Around
15. Toscanni's Darkhorse

Andy Roberts - Bass, Dulcimer, Guitar (Acoustic), Mandolin
Dave Peabody - Photography
Hossam Ramzy - Percussion
Ian Matthews - Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Electroacoustic), Photography, Producer, Shaker, Vocals
Jerry Tubb - Digital Editing
Julian Dawson - Banjo, Bass, Guitar (Acoustic), Harmonica
Mark Griffiths - Fretless Bass, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Classical), Guitar (Electric), Mandolin, Percussion, Programmed Percussion
Mark Hallman - Balance Engineer, Editing
Mark Thompson - Engineer, Mixing
Plainsong - Main Performer, Producer
Ralph Lindner - Mastering
Sara Krohn - Graphic Manipulation