Poodles, The - No Quarter (Live)

Frontiers Records 2010

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Artist / Band: Poodles, The
Title / Titel: No Quarter (Live)
Label: Frontiers Records 2010
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU Digipack

1. Too Much Of Everything (Live)
2. Caroline (Live)
3. Seven Seas (Live)
4. Metal Will Stand Tall (Live)
5. Like No Tomorrow (Live)
6. One Out Of Ten (Live)
7. Lullaby For Jimmy (Live)
8. Drum Solo (Live)
9. Echoes From The Past (Live)
10. Thunderball (Live)
11. I Rule The Night (Live)
12. Night Of Passion (Live)
13. Flesh And Blood (Live)
14. Line Of Fire (Live)