Porkbelly Futures - same Chas Elliott CANADIAN BLUES

Cordova Bay 2008

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Artist / Band: Porkbelly Futures
Titel: same Chas Elliott CANADIAN BLUES
Label: Cordova Bay 2008
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU, OVP / sealed digipack

Porkbelly is the singer/song-writing team of Paul Quarrington and Martin Worthy. Paul Quarrington is one of Canada’s best-known literary figures, having won awards for his novels (Whale Music, King Leary), TV writing (Due South), screenplays (Perfectly Normal) and songwriting. Completing the exciting new Pork Belly Futures band are three of Canada's busiest musicians. Stuart Laughton substituted his classical trumpet for guitar/harmonica and ace bassist Chas Elliott continues to do what he does best and keyboard wizard Richard Bell fills out one of Canada's hottest new bands.
Assisting artists include award-winning Nashville guitarist Colin Linden (O Brother Where Art Thou?) vocalist extraordinaire Rebecca Campbell and The Canadian Brass.

1. Sweet Daddy 3:58
2. Hie Down Honey 4:17
3. Bon Vivant 4:19
4. Gotta Love a Train 4:02
5. Sad Old Love Affair 4:20
6. March Storm 6:41
7. I Need My Heart 2:56
8. Alberta Springtime 2:54
9. Ain’t for Me to Say 4:33
10. You Are All I Need 3:49
11. Goin’ Down 4:29
12. Steam Whistle 4:00
13. I’m In Love 1:20
14. Handsome Devil Ray 6:03

Produced by David Gray, former guitarist with Parachute Club and Paul Butterfield.