Contents Under Pressure

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Artist / Band: Pro-Pain
Title / Titel: Contents Under Pressure
Label: Spitfire 2001
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

1. Crush
2. Shine
3. State of Mind
4. Gunya Down
5. Mercy Killings
6. Contents Under Pressure
7. Against the Grain
8. Box City
9. Odd Man Out
10. Political Suicide

Members: Gary Meskil, Adam Phillips, Marshall Stephens, Jonas Sanders, Tom Klimchuck, Nick St. Denis, Mike Hollman, Eric Klinger, Rob Moschetti, Dave Chavarri, Rich Ferjanic, Eric Matthews, Dan Richardson, JC Dwyer, Rick Halverson
Genres: Hardcore Punk, Metalcore, Groove Metal

Contrary to the follow up release to this joint, Pro-Pain take a slower and less hard approach to their metal on this record. The riffs are more hard rock than hardcore and the overall sound of the album is simple structured without going astray too far from their roots thus keeping a lightness from slightly pasticcy touch to it. The pace of the album is moderate for an "original punk" record that could almost go under the description "thrashy" at times. With Pro-Pain you simply get what you expect: Pro-Pain.