Purcelll / Gerard Lesne - O Solitude


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Artist / Band: Purcelll / Gerard Lesne
Titel: O Solitude
Label: Naive
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU

1. O Solitude Z 406
2. If music be the food of love Z 379
3. The fatal hour comes on apace Z 421
4. What a sad fate is mine Z 428b
5. While Thirsis, wrapp'd in downy Sleep Z 437
6. Air instrumental
7. Air lent
8. I attempt from love's sickness instrumental
9. Ask me to love no more Z 358
10. Beneath a dark and melancholy grove Z 461
11. If pray'rs and tears Z 380
12. Incassum, Lesbia, Incassum Rogers Z 383 (Elegie auf den Tod Queen Marys)
13. In Cloris all soft charms agree Z 384
14. A thousand sev'ral ways l tried to hide
15. Intermède instrumental (Manuscript, British Library)
16. Bacchus is a pow'r divine Z 360
17. Intermède instrumental (Manuscript, British Library)
18. Song Tune instrumental (Manuscript, British Library)
19. Young Thirsis'fate ye hills and groves deplore Z 473
20. An evening hymn (Now, now that the sun hath veil'd his light) Z 193