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Artist / Band: Radicalfashion
Title / Titel: Odori
Label: Hefty
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

1. Opening
2. Suna
3. Thousand
4. Usunibi
5. Ballet
6. Shousetsu
7. Shunpoudoh
8. Toh-Koh
9. Photo Dynasmo
10. Mask

Hirohito Ihara
Genres: Electronic, Musique Concrète, Abstract, Glitch, Experimental, Ambient, Modern Classical, Minimal

The sound of this album can be described as electronic asian neo classic along the lines of Kashiwa Daisuke only much slower in pace and minimal parts of glitches/clips/clicks. There goes some piano structures into the mix that might remind you of the late speedy Geskia, just a tad bit slower and not nearly as packed as any Geskia or Kashiwa Daisuke song. Percussions are kept at a minimum and rather serve as dragging background effects while moody and atmospheric piano variations are in the center of attention creating some kind of a story. Sit back light up a biggie and let the music take you to a place in your mind is the best way of listening to this album and - despite the seriousness of the lore - lots of fun.