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Reese, Della - Four Classic Albums

Avid Jazz 2018

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Artist / Band: Reese, Della
Title / Titel: Four Classic Albums
Label: Avid Jazz 2018
Format: 2CD
Zustand: NEU

1. The Story Of The Blues
1-1 The Story Of The Blues
1-2 Good Morning Blues
1-3 Empty Bed Blues
1-4 Squeeze Me
1-5 You've Been A Good Old Wagon
1-6 Sent For You Yesterday (And Here You Come Today)
1-7 St. James Infirmary
1-8 Lover Man (Oh Where Can You Be)
1-9 Things Ain't What They Used To Be
1-10 Stormy Weather
1-11 There'll Always Be The Blues
13. The Classic Della
1-12 The Story Of A Starry Night
1-13 These Are The Things I Love
1-14 If You Are But A Dream
1-15 My Reverie
1-16 Take My Heart
1-17 Stranger In Paradise
1-18 Gone
1-19 Serenade
1-20 Moon Love
1-21 Softly My Love
1-22 Till The End Of Time
1-23 Don't You Know
26. Della By Starlight
2-1 The Touch Of Your Lips
2-2 He Was Too Good For Me
2-3 That Old Feeling
2-4 I Had The Craziest Dream
2-5 I Wish I Knew
2-6 Lamplight
2-7 How Did He Look?
2-8 More Than You Know
2-9 These Foolish Things
2-10 Deep In A Dream
2-11 Embraceable You
2-12 Two Sleepy People
39. What Do You Know About Love
2-13 What Do You Know About Love
2-14 When I Fall In Love
2-15 Something I Dreamed Last Night
2-16 I Got It Bad
2-17 I'll Never Be The Same
2-18 You Better Go Now
2-19 I'm Nobody's Baby
2-20 I Never Knew
2-21 I Thought Of You Last Night
2-22 You Don't Know What Love Is
2-23 I'm Thru With Love
2-24 That's All There Is