Rolling Stones, the

Some Girls: Live In Texas '78 + AUDIO CD

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Artist / Band: Rolling Stones, the
Title / Titel: Some Girls: Live In Texas '78 + AUDIO CD
Label: Eagle Rock 2011
Format: CD/DVD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed Slipcase

DVD-1 Let It Rock
DVD-2 All Down The Line
DVD-3 Honky Tonk Women
DVD-4 Star Star
DVD-5 When The Whip Comes Down
DVD-6 Beast Of Burden
DVD-7 Miss You
DVD-8 Imagination
DVD-9 Shattered
DVD-10 Respectable
DVD-11 Far Away Eyes
DVD-12 Love In Vain
DVD-3 Tumbling Dice
DVD-14 Happy
DVD-15 Sweet Little Sixteen
DVD-16 Brown Sugar
DVD-17 Jumpin’ Jack Flash
CD-1 Let It Rock
CD-2 All Down The Line
CD-3 Honky Tonk Women
CD-4 Star Star
CD-5 When The Whip Comes Down
CD-6 Beast Of Burden
CD-7 Miss You
CD-8 Imagination
CD-9 Shattered
CD-10 Respectable
CD-11 Far Away Eyes
CD-12 Love In Vain
CD-13 Tumbling Dice
CD-14 Happy
CD-15 Sweet Little Sixteen
CD-16 Brown Sugar
CD-17 Jumpin’ Jack Flash

Bonus Features:
Mick Jagger interview 2011
Saturday Night Live (October 1978):
"Tomorrow" featuring Dan Aykroyd and Mick Jagger
"Shattered" / "Respectable" / "Beast Of Burden"
ABC News 20/20 Interviews with The Rolling Stones. June 1978.

The set includes a DVD and CD of the concert in Fort Worth, Texas, July 18, 1978