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Artist / Band: Rutthna
Title / Titel: Doomsdaylight EX THYRFING RAISE HELL
Label: Black Lodge
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP Digipack

2.Bleed your wounds
3.Season of huge mortality
4.Doughter of chaos
5.Words of prey
6.The fifth angel
7.Evolutions end

Members: Joakim "Jocke" Kristensson (Thyrfing), Dennis Ekdahl
Genres: Swedish Black Metal

As with many debut albums "Doomsdaylight" also stands out a bit from the ordinary Doomsday metal album. Four Horsemen cover the world with grim and darkness while two swedes bring quality intelligent doom metal to the world. None of the songs sound exactly like the other although they are held in similar tone. All build around the idea of Doom and Darkness however without the boring bashing, without the mindless speed and brutal growls, it has all these but not to overload, rather intelligently put accents of said elements. This album can be described as a ballad of doom!