Scars, Gary Moore


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Artist / Band: Scars, Gary Moore
Title / Titel: Scars
Label: Orionstar/Sanctuary 2002
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU

1. When the Sun Goes Down
2. Rectify
3. Wasn't Born in Chicago
4. Stand Up
5. Just Can't Let You Go
6. My Baby (She's So Good to Me)
7. World of Confusion
8. Ball and Chain
9. World Keep Turnin' Round
10. Who Knows (What Tomorrow May Bring)?

Members: Cass Lewis - Bass, Vocals (Background)
Chris Tsangarides - Engineer, Mixing, Producer
Dan Turner - Assistant
Darrin Mooney - Drums
Robert William Gary Moore - Guitar, Mixing, Producer, Vocals
Graham Lilley - Equipment Technician, Project Coordinator
Ian Cooper - Mastering
Ian Ross - Design
Matt Crawford - Assistant
Rainmaker - Engineer
Stuart Weston - Photography
Timothy Hole - Assistant

Genres: Blues Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Blues, Progressive Rock, Jazz Fusion

In 2002 Scars released their self titled album produced by Gary Moore himself and Chris Tsangarides who also produced 'Painkiller' for Judas Priest. The album is packed with heavy leads and riffs and reminds of the good ol' good ol' Led Zeppelin sound with a touch of UK blues.