Schenker, Michael & Pete Way

The Plot UFO

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Artist / Band: Schenker, Michael & Pete Way
Title / Titel: The Plot UFO
Label: Majestic Rock 2006
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP sealed

1 You And Me 4:55
2 Need Her Bad 5:12
3 Kicked Out 6:13
4 Miss You Tonight 4:13
5 Born Again 5:02
6 Take Another Shot 4:43
7 Shake Down 3:37
8 Señorita 5:24
9 Just My Luck 3:26
10 Wild Wild Things 5:03
11 Ain't Got You 4:19
12 Might As Well Go Drinking 1:55

Backing Vocals – Jeff Martin, Michael Schenker, Pete Way
Bass Guitar, Lead Vocals – Pete Way
Drums – Jeff Martin
Lead Guitar – Michael Schenker

The Plot is Michael Schenker & Pete Way doing what it is they do best rocking hard n dirty! This album, recorded in the down time during UFOs recent activity, has much more in common with the first couple of Waysted albums than either UFO or MSG. Featuring the talents of former Badlands drummer Jeff Martin, its pure rock n roll, simple as that.

Schenkers playing is as fluid and vibrant as ever, and Pete Ways stomach churning bass playing and excellent vocal performance make this an exiting and hard rocking! -addition to the ever-growing list of UFO side projects. Check out the opening riff to Shake Down for proof of how hard this record rocks!