Seatsniffers, the

Issued 3: Shakedown

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Artist / Band: Seatsniffers, the
Title / Titel: Re-Issued 3: Shakedown
Label: Sonic Rendezvous 2006
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed Digipack

1. Busy Soon
2. The Devil's Right Hand
3. Shakedown
4. I've Got A Love
5. The Lowdown On The Hoedown
6. Big Boat
7. I Had It With That
8. That's It
9. Voodoo Working
10. Make My Dream Come True
11. Hoochie Coo
12. Come On Lover
13. The Girl Of My Best Friend
14. Trouble On The Rise

Walter Broes - guitar, vocals, sixstring bass
Roel Jacobs - saxes, percussion, backing vocals
Luc Houben - fender- and double bass, backing vocals
Jack Fire - fender bass, upright bass, backing vocals
Piet De Houwer - drums, backing vocals