The Race is on EUROPE AOR

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Artist / Band: Sha-Boom
Title / Titel: The Race is on EUROPE AOR
Label: DF 2005
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU

1. Blah Blah Blah
2. Somewhere In The Dark
3. My Hometown
4. The Race Is On
5. 22nd Of October
6. Into The Fire
7. Get The Party Started
8. Message Of Love
9. Here I Am
10. Big Bang
11. This Is My Life
12. Why Did I...?
13. Forturne And Fame

Members: Dag Finn, Hasse Lind, Bobby Andersen, Peo Thyrén & John Sandh, Martin Stenmark
Genres: Pop, Rock, Adult Orientated Rock

Having only released Singles & EPs for 15 years this was Sha-Boom's first full length album in a long while, a long long while. The time has not gotten hold of them however a lot has changed in the music scene and "The Race is on" was perceived differently than had it been pushed out in the 80s. Yet what you get is a solid AOR record with quite some hits on them lovers of this genre will pump on repeat for days. The features and various musical contributions on this album are legendary and make this record something to remember:

Kee Marcello : Guitar [2005] session member, Europe, Easy Action, Kee Marcello
Steiner Hagen : Guitar [2005] session member
Bo Reimer : Guitar [2005] session member
Jonas Karlberg : Guitar [2005] session member
Marcel Jacob : Bass [2005] session member, Last Autumn's Dream, John Norum, Talisman
Joel Starander : Bass [2005] session member, Kharma
Ez Gomer : Bass [2005] session member, Leviticus
Mic Michaeli : Keyboard [2005] session member, Europe, Brazen Abbot, Glenn Hughes
Jorgen Ingestrom : Keyboard [2005] session member
Ulf Steneberg : Keyboard [2005] session member
Tommy Denander : Guitar, Keyboard [2005] session member, AOR, Gary John Barden, Paul Stanley
Thomas Vikstrom : Back Vocals [2005] session member, Lion's Share, Brazen Abbot, Prisoner
Anders Borjesson : Drums [2005] session member
Daniel Flores : Drums [2005] session member
Christian Ekwall : Drums [2005] session member
Sayit Dolen : Guitar [2005] session member
John Leven : Bass [2005] session member, Brazen Abbot, Europe, Glenn Hughes
Dan Helgesen : Keyboard [2005] session member