Shadows Fall

The War Within LTD EDT

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Artist / Band: Shadows Fall
Title / Titel: The War Within LTD EDT
Label: Century Media 2004
Format: 2CD
Zustand: Gebraucht, sehr gut, Digipack

Disk: 1
1. The light that blinds
2. Enlightened by the cold
3. Act of contrition
4. What drives the weak
5. Stillness
6. Inspiration on demand
7. The power of I and I
8. Ghosts of past failures
9. Eternity is within
10. Those who cannot speak

Disk: 2 (DVD)
1. Stepping outside the circle
2. Of one blood
3. A fire in Babylon
4. Guitar lesson 1 with Jon Donais & Matt Bachand
5. Guitar lesson 2 with Jon Donais & Matt Bachand
6. Drum lesson with Jason Bittner