Shaw, Sandie

BBC Sessions

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Artist / Band: Shaw, Sandie
Title / Titel: Cool About You-BBC Sessions
Label: Rpm
Format: CD
Zustand: Gebraucht, sehr gut

Disc 1
1. I Don't Owe You Anything
2. Jean
3. Frederick
4. (Are You Ready To Be) Heartbroken
5. Steven
6. Girl Don't Come
7. Nothing Less Than Brilliant
8. Hello Angel
9. Lover Of The Century
10. I Love Peace
11. Girl Called Johnny
12. Cool About You
13. Flesh And Blood
14. Strange Bedfellows
15. Comrade In Arms
16. Nothing Less Than Brilliant
17. (Are You Ready To Be) Heartbroken
18. Anyone Who Had A Heart
19. Sandie Shaw Interview