Smith, Ernie

After 30 Years Life is just for Living

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Artist / Band: Smith, Ernie
Title / Titel: After 30 Years Life is just for Living
Label: Ernie Smith 1997
Format: 2CD
Zustand: NEU OVP/sealed

Robbie Lyn & Earl 'Wire' Lindo on keyboards, organ
Val Douglas on bass
Mikey 'Boo' Richards on drums
Mikey 'Mao' Chung on guitars
additional musicians:

Dwight Richards -- trumpet
Samuel Grant -- flugelhorn
Romeo Gray -- trombone
Dean Fraser -- saxophone
Karl 'Simba' Messado -- Congas, Funde Drum
Steve Golding -- percussion
Peter Ashbourne - piano (' Didn't Know We Were Poor')
Jon Williams -- violin, strings ('I'm On Your Side,' 'Singer Man')

CD One:

I Can't Take It
Bend Down
Ride On Sammy
One Dream
Sunday Morning
Pitta Patta
Life Is Just For Living
Bad Woman
Footprints on the Ceiling
Hail the Man
Duppy Gunman
Play De Music
All For Jesus

CD Two:

Rebel Music
We De People/The Power And The Glory
Don't Down Me Now
To Behold Jah
Stay Awhile With Me
Let The Children Play
Singer Man
Mr. Music
New York, You're Going Crazy
I'm On Your Side
Ghetto Monday
Didn't Know We Were Poor
Don't Worry Mama
Didn't Know We Were Poor (a capella)