Snoop Dogg


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Artist / Band: Snoop Dogg
Title / Titel: More Malice + DVD JAY-Z THE DREAM
Label: EMI 2010
Format: CD/DVD
Zustand: NEU

CD-1 I Wanna Rock (The Kings G-Mix) Featuring – Jay-Z 4:00
CD-2 Protocol 3:14
CD-3 So Gangsta Featuring – Butch Cassidy 3:47
CD-4 House Shoes 3:05
CD-5 That Tree Featuring – Kid Cudi 4:31
CD-6 You're Gonna Luv Me Vocals [Additional] – Mac Lucci 3:03
CD-7 Pronto (G-Mix) Featuring – Bun B, Soulja Boy Tell 'Em*Producer – B Don 5:21
CD-8 Gangsta Luv Featuring – The-Dream 4:17

DVD-1 Malice N Wonderland The Movie ( NTSC )