Snoop Dogg

The City is in Good Hands

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Artist / Band: Snoop Dogg
Title / Titel: The City is in Good Hands
Label: BE Music 2008
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

1. What I Do Feat. Scoop & Half Dead
2. The City Is In Good Hands
3. Look Around feat. J Blacc
4. F*ck That Shit feat. Warzone
5. Diamonds On My Neck feat. Kurupt
6. Killaz feat. Western Union & Warzone
7. I Sit Back feat. LA The Darkman & Willie
8. The President
9. After All feat. Brat & Kurupt
10. The Lookout
11. Haters
12. Ridaman
13. Let Me Know feat. Kurupt, Goldie Loc, MC
14. ATL Theme Song feat. DPGC
15. Groupie B*tch
16. Huslte Boyz feat. Hustle Boyz
17. Fresh Like Me
18. Gangsta Grillz Made It West!!
19. Let Me In This B*tch feat. Warzone
20. If There's A Cure
21. Love It When feat. Western Union
22. Watch This feat. DPGC
23. Aint It Man
24. Outro
25. Snoop's Theme
26. Some High As Sh*t!!!!