Solefald - Pills Against Ageless Ills AVANTGARDE METAL

Century Media 2001

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Artist / Band: Solefald
Titel: Pills Against Ageless Ills AVANTGARDE METAL
Label: Century Media 2001
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU, OVP / sealed Digipack

1. Hyperhuman
2. Pornographer cain
3. Charge of total affect
4. Hate yourself
5. Fuck talks
6. The death of father
7. The USA don't exist
8. Anti-City strategie
9. Hierarch

Members: Cornelius Jakhelln, Lazare Nedland
Genres: Avantgarde Metal, Black Metal, Post Metal

"Pills Against the Ageless Ills" is a concept album that unfolds the story of two brothers, namely Pornographer Cain "who is accused for the murder of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, and Philosopher Fuck, a monk who is exiled from the United States and lives his last days in Paris, France. Both brothers are supposed to represent the similarities and differences of the feelings of desire and the feelings of remorse in human nature." (Cravinov13 @
"This story is wonderfully depicted in the lyrics which are poetic, sometimes with a great and over the top stream of consciousness. There are also a lot of philosophic thoughts, probably influenced by Nietzsche (“Hyperhuman”?), and maybe some twentieth century thinkers. The lyrics reflect the sickness of the modern society showing all its evils in all their forms, but there is also a lot of passion, double meanings, hidden messages, irony and stuff to make you feel interested for a while.
The music is as smart as the lyrics. The album is mainly guitar-driven with simple but effective angular riffing, taking elements of classic black metal, hardcore and even blues, sometimes doing very interesting harmonic work. The other driving force in the record is the vocals. Cornelius and Lazare share them in equal parts, the first one doing Black Metal shrieks and a mysterious low gothic singing; while the second does an excellent job with a clean, majestic voice." (Lord_Demonized, same)
Usually we try not to use quotes as much however in this case they are ever so suitable. If you like to listen to an intelligent, socio-philosophical metal album with a poetic story on top, don't hesitate!