Spock's Beard - The Light GATEFOLD

Inside Out Music 2012

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Artist / Band: Spock's Beard
Titel: The Light GATEFOLD
Label: Inside Out Music 2012
Format: 2LP
Zustand: NEU, OVP Sealed

The Light 15:33
Aa The Dream
Ab One Man
Ac Garden People
Ad Looking Straight Into The Light
Ae The Man In The Mountain
Af Señor Valasco's Mystic Voodoo Love Dance
Ag The Return Of The Horrible Catfish Man
Ah The Dream
B Go The Way You Go 12:03
The Water 23:07
Ca Introduction/The Water
Cb When It All Goes To Hell
Cc A Thief In The Night
Cd FU/I'm Sorry
Ce The Water (Revisited)
Cf Runnin' The Race
Cg Reach For The Sky
D On The Edge 6:11

Backing Vocals – Molly Pasutti (tracks: Da to Dg), Wanda Houston (tracks: Da to Dg)
Bass, French Horn – Dave Meros
Drums, Percussion, Vocals – Nick D'Virgilio
Electric Guitar [Lead], Cello, Mellotron, Vocals – Alan Morse
Lead Vocals, Mellotron, Organ [Hammond], Keyboards [All Other], Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar – Neal Morse