Syn, the


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Artist / Band: Syn, the
Title / Titel: Original Syn 1965-2004 YES KANSAS
Label: Umbrello 2005
Format: 2CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

1-1 –Andrew Jackman* Mallard Way
1-2 –Syn, The Grounded
1-3 –Syn, The 14 Hour Technicolour Dream
1-4 –Syn, The Created By Clive
1-5 –Syn, The Flowerman
1-6 –Syn, The The Last Performance Of The Royal Regimental, Very Victorious And Valiant Band
1-7 –Ayshea* with Syn, The Mr. White's White Flying Machine
1-8 –Narsquijack* Cadillac Dreams
1-9 –Narsquijack* Sunset Boulevard Lament
1-10 –Syn, The Merry-go-round
The Gangster Opera (Excerpts From The Rehearsal Tape)
1-11a –Syn, The (i) Chorus
1-11b –Syn, The (ii) Legs Diamond
1-11c –Syn, The (iii) Reprise
1-12 –Selfs, The I Can't Explain
1-13 –Selfs, The Love You
1-14 –Syn, The Flowerman (Original Recording)
2-1 –Syn, The Illusion
2-2 –Syn, The Grounded 2004
Time And A Word
2-3 –Syn, The (i) Time And A Word
2-4 –Syn, The (ii) A Tide In The Affirs Of Man
2-5 –Syn, The (iii) Time And A Word (Reprise)

Feat. Tom Brislin ( Ex - YES ) KANSAS Member