Tallis Debussy / Shaw

Robert Shaw: A Cappella ATLANTA SYMPHONY ORCH.

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Artist / Band: Tallis Debussy / Shaw
Title / Titel: Robert Shaw: A Cappella ATLANTA SYMPHONY ORCH.
Label: Telarc 2005
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU - OVP sealed

1. O Vos Omnes
2. A New Commandment
3. Vinea Mea Electa (My Chosen Vine) From Four Motets For A Time Of Penit
4. Videntes Stellam (Seeing The Star) From Four Motets For Christmas
5. Dieu! Qu'il La Fait Bon Regarder! (Lord, You Made Her Lovely) From Tro
6. Waldesnacht (Night In The Froest) Op. 62, Nr. 3
7. Abendständchen (Evening Serenade) Op. 42, Nr. 1
8. Heavenly Light
9. Svete Tikhyi (O Serene Light)
10. Vzbrannoy Voyevode (Thanksgiving To The mother Of God)
11. Ride On, King Jesus
12. Sometimes I Feel Like A Moanin' Dove
13. Same Train
14. In A Garden Shady From Hymn To St. Cecilia, Op. 27
15. Ave Maria From Four Sacred Pieces
16. Magnificat
17. Kyrie From Mass