Fat, Ugly & Still (A)Live

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Artist / Band: Tankard
Title / Titel: Fat, Ugly & Still (A)Live
Label: Locomotive Records 2005
Format: 2DVD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

Batschkapp May 2005

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Tokyo, Osaka (Japan) - February 1999
With Full Force Festival, Leipzig - June 2001
Summer Breeze Festival, Abtsgmünd - August 2001
Moshclub, Kolmberg - August 2001
Milan (Italy) November - 2001
Bang Your Head Festival, Balingen - June 2002
Salonika & Athens (Griechenland) - December 2002
Ankara (Turkey) - March 2003
Pratteln (Switzerland) - August 2003
Piorno Rock Festival, Granada (Spain) - February 2004
Chaulnes (France) - March 2005
Sulzbach-Rosenberg - April 2005
Bang Your Head Festival, Balingen - June 2005