Thompson, Linval

Look How Me Sexy/Baby Father

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Artist / Band: Thompson, Linval
Title / Titel: Look How Me Sexy/Baby Father
Label: Greensleeves 1995
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / Sealed

1. Are you ready
2. You're young
3. Look how me sexy
4. Call me
5. Yure of the one you love
6. Baby mother
7. I spy
8. Things couldn't be he same
9. Holding on to my girlfriend
10. Lick up the chalice
11. Love me forever
12. If you want my love
13. Shouldn't lift your hand
14. Yes I'm coming
15. Baby father
16. All night long
17. Run down vanity
18. Poor man
19. She gone
20. Tell me the right time