Thompson Twins - A Product of.../ Set +19 BONUSTRACKS

Demon 2008

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Produktzustand NEU, OVP / sealed

Artist / Band: Thompson Twins
Titel: A Product of.../ Set +19 BONUSTRACKS
Label: Demon 2008
Format: 2CD
Zustand: NEU, OVP / sealed

Disc 1
1. When I See You (A PRODUCT OF...)
2. Politics (A PRODUCT OF...)
3. Slave Trade (A PRODUCT OF...)
4. Could Be Her...Could Be You (A PRODUCT OF...)
5. Make Believe (Let's Pretend) (A PRODUCT OF...)
6. Don't Go Away (A PRODUCT OF...)
7. The Price (A PRODUCT OF...)
8. Oumma Aularesso (Animal Laugh) (A PRODUCT OF...)
9. Anything Is Good Enough (A PRODUCT OF...)
10. A Product Of... (A PRODUCT OF...)
11. Perfect Game (A PRODUCT OF...)
12. Vendredi Saint (A PRODUCT OF...)
13. Squares And Triangles (BONUS TRACK)
14. Could Be Her...Could Be You [Original Version] (BONUS TRACK)
15. Weather Station [By Tom Bailey] (BONUS TRACK)
16. Modern Plumbing [by The Blankets] (BONUS TRACK)
17. She's In Love With Mystery (BONUS TRACK)
18. Fast Food (BONUS TRACK)
19. Food Style (BONUS TRACK)
20. Oumma Aularesso (Animal Laugh) [Special Re-Mixed Extended Version] (BONUS TRACK)
21. A Dub Product (BONUS TRACK)
22. Make Believe (Let's Pretend) [Extended Version] (BONUS TRACK)
23. Lama Sabach Tani (BONUS TRACK)

Disc 2
1. In The Name Of Love (SET)
2. Living In Europe (SET)
3. Bouncing (SET)
4. Tok Tok (SET)
5. Good Gosh (SET)
6. The Rowe (SET)
7. Runaway (SET)
8. Another Fantasy (SET)
9. Fool's Gold (SET)
10. Crazy Dog (SET)
11. Blind (SET)
12. In The Name Of Love [12" Dance Extension] (BONUS TRACK)
13. In The Beginning (BONUS TRACK)
14. Coastline (BONUS TRACK)
15. Open Your Eye (BONUS TRACK)
16. Runaway [Extended Remix] (BONUS TRACK)
17. Bouncing [Extended Remix] (BONUS TRACK)
18. In The Name Of Love (Big Value Version April 1982) (BONUS TRACK)
19. Living In Europe [Live At Hammersmith Palais] (BONUS TRACK)