The Church Of Tiamat

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Artist / Band: Tiamat
Title / Titel: The Church Of Tiamat
Label: Century Media 2006
Format: DVD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

01 Vote For Love (from "Judas Christ")
02 Children Of The Underworld (from "Brighter Than The Sun" - Single)
03 Cain (from "Prey")
04 Brighter Than The Sun (from "Skeleton Skeletron")
05 To Have And To Have Not (from "Skeleton Skeletron")
06 Whatever That Hurts (from "Wildhoney")
07 I Am In Love With Myself (from "Judas Christ")
08 In A Dream (from "Clouds")
09 Wings Of Heaven (from "Prey")
10 Cold Seed (from "Deeper Kinf Of Slumber")
11 Clovenhoof (from "Prey")
12 As Long As You Are Mine (from "Skeleton Skeletron")
13 Love Is As Good As Soma (from "Judas Christ")
14 The Sleeping Beauty (from "Clouds")
15 Gaia (from "Wildhoney")
16 Interview mit Johan Edlund & Anders Iwers
17 Where The Serpents Ever Dwell (Live Show april 6th, 1990 Stockholm, Runan Club)
18 Whatever That Hurts (Promo Video "Wildhoney" 1995)
19 Gaia (promo Video "Wildhoney 1995)
20 Undressed (Live in Germany, January 1995)
21 The Ar (Live in Germany, January 1995)
22 Alteration X 10 ("Deeper Kind Of Slumber" rec. sess, Woodhouse St.)
23 Cold Seed (Promo Vide"Deeper Kind Of Slumber" 1997)
24 Brighter Than The Sun (Promo video "Skeleton Skeletron" 1999)
25 Vote For Love (Promo Video "Judas Christ" 2002)
26 Phantasma De Luxe (Live in Pratteln (CH), March 18th, 2002)
27 Angel Holograms (Live in Pratteln (CH), March 18th, 2002)
28 Cain (Promo Video "Prey" 2003)
29 Do You Dream Of Me (Animated video directed by Eugen Erhan 2003)

Members: Johan Edlund, Anders Iwers, Lars Sköld, Roger Öjersson
Genres: Death, Doom, Death Metal, Black Metal, Gothic Metal, Gothic Rock, Progressive Rock, Experimental Metal

Uberstrong Compilation by Tiamat with la creme de la creme from the band plus an interesting interview with Johan and Anders!