Tired Pony - The Place REM SNOW PATROL BELLE & SEB.

Polydor 2010

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Artist / Band: Tired Pony
Title / Titel: The Place REM SNOW PATROL BELLE & SEB.
Label: Polydor 2010
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU

1. Northwestern Skies 3:49

2. Get On The Road 4:45

3. Point Me At Lost Islands 3:12

4. Dead American Writers 2:34

5. Held In The Arms Of Your Words 6:40

6. That Silver Necklace 3:49

7. I Am A Landslide 5:43

8. The Deepest Ocean There Is 4:58

9. The Good Book 3:04

10. Pieces 6:56

Tired Pony is a new super group founded by Gary Lightbody, singer/ songwriter of
multi-platinum band, Snow Patrol.

Gary is joined by Peter Buck of R.E.M and a cast of characters assembled at Portland?s
Type Foundry studio including Troy Stewart, Iain Archer (Snow Patrol), Richard Colburn
(Belle & Sebastian), super-producer Jacknife Lee and Scott McCaughey (R.E.M.).