Townshend, Pete


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Artist / Band: Townshend, Pete
Title / Titel: Psychoderelict
Label: UMC
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / Sealed Digipack

1. english boy
2. meher baba m3
3. let‘s get pretentious
4. meher baba m4 (Signal Box)
5. early morning dreams
6. i want that thing
7. dialogue introduction to ‘outlive the dinosaur‘
8. outlive the dinosaur
9. flame (demo)
10. now and then
11. i am afraid
12. don’t try to make me real
13. dialogue introduction to ‘predictable‘
14. predictable
15. flame
16. meher baba m5 (vivaldi)
17. fake it
18. dialogue introduction to ‘now and then (reprise)‘
19. now and then (reprise)
20. baba o‘riley (demo)
21. english boy (reprise)