Unearth - III-In The Eyes Of Fire LTD EDITION + DVD

Metal Blade

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Produktzustand NEU, OVP / sealed Digipack

Artist / Band: Unearth
Titel: III-In The Eyes Of Fire LTD EDITION + DVD
Label: Metal Blade
Format: CD/DVD
Zustand: NEU, OVP / sealed Digipack

CD1 This Glorious Nightmare 4:21
CD2 Giles 3:57
CD3 March Of The Mutes 4:02
CD4 Sanctity Of Brothers 3:28
CD5 The Devil Has Risen 3:21
CD6 This Time Was Mine 4:10
CD7 Unstoppable 5:05
CD8 So It Goes 5:02
CD9 Impostors Kingdom 3:23
CD10 Bled Dry 3:55
CD11 Big Bear And The Hour Of Chaos 3:09
DVD1 The Making Of III: In The Eyes Of Fire
Unearth Live Bonus Material from "SOUNDS OF THE UNDERGROUND 2005"
DVD2 The Great Dividers
DVD3 This Lying World
DVD4 Only The People
DVD5 Black Hearts Now Reign