20 Years Of Nattefrost CURRENT

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Artist / Band: VA
Title / Titel: 20 Years Of Nattefrost CURRENT
Label: Sireena Records 2016
Format: 2CD
Zustand: NEU OVP Digipack

1-1 Dennis Dithmar: Transformation
1-2 Deutsche Bank: Futurized
1-3 Grimm Limbo: Underneath The Nightsky
1-4 Sector One (2): Where The Gods Are Watching
1-5 Circles Of Air: Vejen Til Asgard
1-6 The Heather Grove: Descending From The Stars
1-7 Current: Decadence
1-8 Hertzinfarkt: Beware Of The Destiny
1-9 DeZeption: I En Svunden Tid
1-10 Electric Enemy: Norse

2-1 The Silicon Scientist: The Magic Of Forgotten Times
2-2 Music For The Man
2-3 Timescape (2): A New Direction
2-4 Dan Lacksman: Poliment
2-5 Sonnenbrandt: There Is A Light
2-6 Signey Lime: Ghost Mind
2-7 Nomatisan: Divine Light
2-8 Jonteknik: A Different View On Jupiter
2-9 Tor Brandt: Mit Hedenske Blod
2-10 Mythos (4): Dance Of The Elves