Chillin at the Playboy Mansion CHRIS COCO TOSCA

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Artist / Band: VA
Title / Titel: Chillin at the Playboy Mansion CHRIS COCO TOSCA
Label: Surge 2003
Format: 2CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed Digipack

1.Oscar by Tosca
2.Inside by The Funky Lowlives
3.Stiff Jazz (Zundapp Dub) by Dzihan And Kamien
4.Think Twice by The Jack Herren Band, Ralph Myerz
5.There's A Place Where Happy People Play by Neon Heights
6.Summer Daze by Nick Holder
7.Falling (Eric Huper Ibizalectro Remix)
8.Hot In Herre by Tiga
9.AM-Trax by Savile Robots
10.Your Sex Life by The Black Neon
11.Good Life (Good Vocal Remix) by Kaori
12.Last Tango In Paris (Original Ballad) by Sepia
13.Way Back When by Andy Tytherleigh
1.Hayling (Original Full Length Vocal) by FC Kahuna
2.Shine by Afterlife
3.Mumbo Jumbo by El Gran Lapafsky
4.Bubble Love by Chungking
5.Flying Faders by Star Alliance
6.The Affair by The Easy Access Orchestra
7.Hnuddelmaus by Ulrich Schnauss
8.See Thru You by Flunk
9.Gemini by Chris
10.Sunworshipper by Mylo
11.Facing East by Thievery Corporation
12.Pabadam by Yonderboi
13.Yachts by AMCA vs. CSL