Epitaph For A Legend LTD. ED.

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Artist / Band: VA
Title / Titel: Epitaph For A Legend LTD. ED.
Label: Sunspots 2003
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP sealed Digipack

1 The Chaynes Night Time
2 The Patterns In My Own Time
3 The Chaparrals I Tried So Hard
4 Thursday's Children A Part Of You
5 The Electric Rubayyat If I Were A Carpenter
6 Sonny Hall Poor Planet Earth
7 Inner Scene Communication Breakdown
8 The Red Crayola Hurricane Fighter Plane
9 The Red Crayola Pink Stainless Tail
10 The Red Crayola Nickle Niceness
11 The Red Crayola Vile, Vile Grass
12 The Red Crayola Transparent Radiation
13 The Emperors I Want My Woman
14 Lost & Found 25 M.P.H.
15 Big Walter Breakfast In Bed
16 Dave Allen C.C. Rider
17 Dave Allen Saturday A.M. Blues
18 Lightnin' Hopkins Conversation With Lightnin' Hopkins
19 Lightnin' Hopkins Black Ghost
20 Roky Erickson Excertps Interview, Ksan 4/1/78
21 Spades You're Gonna Miss Me
22 Spades We Sell Soul
23 Roky/ C. Hall Splash 1
24 Roky/ C. Hall Right Track Now
25 The 13th Floor Elevators Wait For May Love
26 The 13th Floor Elevators 60" Radio Spot / Bull Of The Woods
27 The 13th Floor Elevators Fire Engine