Essential Rockabilly MGM Story SHEB WOOLEY DON GIBSON

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Artist / Band: VA
Title / Titel: Essential Rockabilly MGM Story SHEB WOOLEY DON GIBSON
Label: One Day Music 2011
Format: 2CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed Digipack

Disc 1
1. One More Time'Andy Starr'
2. Latch On'Ron Hargrave'
3. I Vibrate'Conway Twitty'
4. I Aint A Studying You Baby'Don Gibson'
5. Rockin And Rollin With Grandmaw'Carson Robison'
6. Mr Blues'Marvin Rainwater'
7. I Wanna Go South'Andy Starr'
8. Rock Doll'Bernie Early'
9. Stutterin Papa'Buck Griffin'
10. Guitar Boogie'Arthur Smith'
11. Round And Round'Andy Starr'
12. Froggy Went A Courtin'Bob Gallion'
13. Old Bee Tree'Buck Griffin'
14. Midnight Line'Bob Riley'
15. Gamblin Man'Marvin Rainwater'
16. All She Wants to Do Is Rock'Billy Jack Wills
17. Country Cattin'Jimmy Swan'
18. She's A Going Jessie'Andy Starr'
19. Let's Go Rock N Roll'Frank Sandy'
20. Rock And Roll Fever'Cecil Campbell'

Disc 2
1. Your Kisses Kill Me'Bernie Early'
2. Theres Always A Need For Love'Marvin Rainwater'
3. Rockin Rollin Stone'Andy Starr'
4. My Square Dancin Mama'Bob Gallion'
5. Shes Mine'Conway Twitty'
6. Hop In My Jalop'Chuck Alaimo'
7. Old Deacon Jones'Andy Starr'
8. Jessie Lee'Buck Griffin'
9. My Brand Of Blues'Marvin Rainwater'
10. Give Me A Woman'Andy Starr'
11. Watchin The 7 10 Roll By'Buck Griffin'
12. Theres Good Rockin Tonight'Billy Jack Wills'
13. The Rockin Guitar'Cecil Campbell'
14. I Aint Gonna Waste My Time'Don Gibson'
15. Baby Love Me'Bob Gallion'
16. Rocking Chair On The Moon'Rusty Wellington'
17. Bow My Back'Buck Griffin'
18. Who Shot Willie'Arthur Smith'
19. No Room for Your Kind'Andy Starr'
20. Mule Boogie'Sheb Wooley'