Festival of Irish Folk Music DUBLINERS WOLFE TONES

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Artist / Band: VA
Title / Titel: Festival of Irish Folk Music DUBLINERS WOLFE TONES
Label: Chyme
Format: 2CD
Zustand: Gebraucht, sehr gut

1 –The Bothy Band The Butterfly
2 –The Bothy Band Kesh Jig
3 –The Bothy Band Sixteen Come Next Sunday
4 –The Bothy Band Rip The Calico
5 –The Bothy Band The Strayaway Child
6 –The Bothy Band The Death Of Queen Jane
7 –Clannad Dhéanainn Súgradh
8 –Clannad By Chance It Was
9 –Clannad Rince Briotánach
10 –Clannad Dulámán
11 –Clannad Mo Mháire
12 –Clannad Cumha Eoghain Rue Uí Néill
13 –The Wolfe Tones Teddy Bears Head
14 –The Wolfe Tones Ode To Biddy Magee
15 –The Wolfe Tones Foggy Dew
16 –The Wolfe Tones Tri-Coloured Ribbon
17 –The Wolfe Tones Banks Of Ohio
18 –The Wolfe Tones Black Ribbon Band
Disc 2
1 –The Dubliners Whiskey In The Jar
2 –The Dubliners The Town I Loved So Well
3 –The Dubliners Free The People
4 –The Dubliners Lord Of The Dance
5 –The Dubliners The Musical Priest/Blackthorn Stick
6 –The Dubliners Finnegan's Wake
7 –The Furey Bros. & Davey Arthur* Green Fields Of France
8 –The Furey Bros. & Davey Arthur* Garrett Barry
9 –The Furey Bros. & Davey Arthur* The Reason I Left Mullingar
10 –The Furey Bros. & Davey Arthur* Morning Lies Heavy
11 –The Furey Bros. & Davey Arthur* Ted Furey's Selection
12 –The Furey Bros. & Davey Arthur* Lament
13 –Mary Bergin (2) Ril Gan Anim/Cinnte Le Dia/The Union Feel
14 –Mary Bergin (2) Garrái Na Bhfeileoig/Miss Galvin
15 –Danny Doyle (2) Step It Out Mary
16 –Danny Doyle (2) Irish Soldier Laddie
17 –Danny Doyle (2) Red Haired Mary
18 –Danny Doyle (2) Whiskey On A Sunday