VA (Filter)

Elvis never meant Shit to me

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Artist / Band: VA (Filter)
Title / Titel: Elvis never meant Shit to me
Label: Filter / Ultra
Format: CD
Zustand: Gebraucht, gut

1 DJ Q The End Of The Beginning
2 Sunship Try Me Out
Vocals - Anita Kelsey
3 Kid Loops Crazy Lloyd
4 Fire This Time, The Reluctant Warrior
Remix - ADF
5 Trailermen Better Love
6 Amalgamation Of Soundz, The Moments Like This
7 Hoops, The Marveloso
8 Fire This Time, The I Love The Future
Remix - Click 'n Cycle
9 DJ Q Glasgow's Jazz
Remix - Derrick Carter
10 Kid Loops Micro
11 Chubby Grooves Dansak
12 Amalgamation Of Soundz, The Keyvan's Paper