VA / Hillier / Pro Arte Singers

Traditional & Modern Carols

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Artist / Band: VA / Hillier / Pro Arte Singers
Title / Titel: Traditional & Modern Carols
Label: Harmonia Mundi 1998,2002
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU

This Is Jesus' Birthday 1:01
Give Good Gifts To One Another 1:42
Remember, O Thou Man 3:35
Ecce, Quod Natura 3:57
As I Out Rode (Coventry Shepherds' Carol) 1:27
Lully, Lulla, Thow Littel Tyne Child (Coventry Carol) 3:24
Nowell, Nowell: Dieu Vous Garde 4:30
Swete Was The Song The Virgine Soong 2:20
Arise, Arise Ye Mortals All 2:32
Hail Happy Morn 2:09
I Wonder As I Wander 3:14
Jesus Christ The Apple Tree 3:06
The Darkest Midnight 6:22
To Bethlem Did They Go 2:39
Shiloh 2:50
Joys Seven 2:26
I Sing Of A Maiden 2:45
The Babe Of Bethlehem 4:14
Hail The Memorable Morn 3:11
Sweetest Music Softly Stealing 2:47
The Kentucky Wassail Song 1:17
To All The Good Children, A Happy New Year 1:28