VA (Jamaican Vibes)

Reggae Psalms

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Artist / Band: VA (Jamaican Vibes)
Title / Titel: Reggae Psalms
Label: Jamaican Vibes 2000
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU

1. Lonely heartaches (Clarendonians)
2. Reggae freedom train (Carl Dawkins)
3. Chant down Babylon (I - Roy)
4. Hold them Rastaman (Larry Marshall)
5. Shu be do be do (Clarendonians)
6. Baby I love you (Carl Dawkins)
7. Reggae Sound System Anthology (I - Roy)
8. Your love (Larry Marshall)
9. Try me one more time (Clarendonians)
10. Let it go (Carl Dawkins)
11. Reggae Psalms (I - Roy)
12. Nanny Goat (Larry Marshall)
13. Can' t get a good man down (Clarendonians)
14. Got to find a new love (Carl Dawkins)
15. On the town (I - Roy)
16. Come into my parlour (Larry Marshall)