VA - Rock the Bones Vol. 4 TOTO SURVIVOR WINGER

Frontiers 2006

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Artist / Band: VA
Titel: Rock the Bones Vol. 4 TOTO SURVIVOR WINGER
Label: Frontiers 2006
Format: 2CD
Zustand: NEU, OVP / sealed

CD 1:
Survivor - Reach
Toto - King Of The World
House Of Lords - These Are The Times Glenn Hughes - This Is How I Feel
Ten - The Chronicles
Fair Warning - Don?t Keep Me Waiting Lunatica - Who You Are
Bob Catley - Blinded By A Lie
Jim Peterik - Burning With A Reason Vertigo - In The Blink Of An Eye
John Waite - Missing You
Jeff Scott Soto - If This Is The End
Michael Kiske - Painted
Pride Of Lions - Sound Of Home (Live) Shark Island - Go West
Shooting Star - I?m A Survivor

CD 2:
Winger - Right Up Ahead (new track from Winger IV)
Pretty Maids - Wake Up To The Real World (new track from the new album with the same title)
Slamer - Audio Illusion (new track from Nowhere land)
Talisman - Rhyme Of Reason (new track from 7)
Wetton / Downes Icon - Finger On The Trigger (new track from Rubicon)
Cosmo - Don?t Tell Me Your Lies (track from forthcoming album from Orion singer Fran Cosmo)
Jorn - Fool For Your Loving (Whitesnake cover from forthcoming cover album)
Sunstorm - Fame And Fortune
Kingdom Come - Friends In Spirit
Kelly Keagy - I?m Alive (new track from forthcoming solo album)
Avalon (A Richie Zito Project) - Avalon Vaughn - Traveller (new track from former Tyketto singer?s forthcoming album)
Richie Kotzen - You Can?t Save Me Hartmann - Coming Home To You (new track from forthcoming album)
Zion - Dangerous (new track from ex.Alias singer Freddy Curci?s forthcoming album)