VA (Senteurs Du Sud)

On The Beach / After Sun

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Artist / Band: VA (Senteurs Du Sud)
Title / Titel: On The Beach / After Sun
Label: Follow Up 2002
Format: 2CD
Zustand: NEU OVP sealed Digibox

1. River - Obersoundz
2. Tourbillon De La Vie
3. So Beautiful - Christophe Goze
4. Sol Del Sur (Extended Mix) - Arnica Montana
5. All I Know - Obersoundz
6. Eau De Malte (Extended Mix) - Arnica Montana
7. Guantanamo
8. Dubbist - Obersoundz
9. Ultimo Amore - Red Fish
10. Kadja
11. Dreamon (Next Christmas Mix) - Samples Attack
12. Sublight (Indian Mix) - Samples Attack
13. Magic Mushroom - Blast 'N' Powa
14. Quinte Flush - Blast 'N' Powa
15. I'm In Love (D'la Bomb Sax Version Ft O.Giommi)
16. Thoughts Of July The 14th (African Vibe)
17. I Feel For U - Man With The Keys
18. I Need U - Man With The Keys
19. Tool 2 - Junior Jack & Kid Creme
20. Ras-Le-Bol
21. Tool 1 - Private Tools
22. Chasing 1 - Maphia Ltd.
23. Chasing 2 - Maphia Ltd.
24. Laissez-Moi Me Griser (Club Version) - Maurice El Medioni

Lounge / chillout w stylu serii Buddha Bar itp.
All exclusive tracks selected and mixed by Gerald Wittock. This 2CD compilation brings in some of the best tracks for the hours just before the sunrise, and just after the sunset. CD 1 features electronic tracks with a touch of world flavor, heavy with a Mediterranean influence from Southern France, Spain, Malta, the Antilles, Africa, & India. CD 2 ups the beat with house and garage tracks incorporating influence from Maghreb, and south of Marseille.