This Ain't Your Mom's Hardcore, Vol. 02 AUGUST BURNS RED

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Artist / Band: VA
Title / Titel: This Ain't Your Mom's Hardcore, Vol. 02 AUGUST BURNS RED
Label: CARGO Records GmbH 2007
Format: DVD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

Region: 0 - NTSC RT: 157 mins.
1 No Artist– Intro
2 August Burns Red– Endorphins
3 As Cities Burn– One: Twentyseven
4 Heavy Heavy Low Low– Eating The Porridge
5 Secret Lives Of The Freemasons– Make Like A Door And Shut Up
6 The Chariot– Die Interviewer
7 Scarlet (4)– Interview
8 Scarlet (4)– The Separation Of
9 Chasing Victory– Unrequited Love
10 The Number Twelve Looks Like You– Like A Cat
11 Showbread– Dead By Dawn
12 Misery Signals– Interview
13 Misery Signals– The Stinging Rain
14 Becoming The Archetype– The Elegy
15 Classic Case– Hospitalized
16 Thumbscrew (4)– Fighting Wonders
17 Twelve Gauge Valentine– Ball And Chain
18 As Cities Burn featuring Josh Scogin*– Admission Regret
19 Grace Gale– I Don't Know How To Put This...
20 Bury Your Dead– Interview
21 Destroy The Runner– The Aleph
22 Remembering Never– Slaughterhouse Blues
23 Remembering Never– For The Love Of Fiction
24 Misery Signals– The Failsafe
25 Drop Dead, Gorgeous– Interview
26 Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster– Caution: Dangerous Curves Ahead
27 Secret Lives Of The Freemasons– Mascara
28 August Burns Red– Speech Impediment
29 Ligeia (3) featuring Joe (Brosif) of FASSW*– Judas Complex
30 Thumbscrew (4)– The Making Of "Thumbscrew - AIM" Video
31 Thumbscrew (4)– AIM Plays A Big Role In Her Life
32 Haste The Day featuring Peter of Winter Solstice*– Blue 42
33 Scarlet (4)– The Joy Decoys Are Coming
34 Scarlet (4)– Revolver
35 As Cities Burn– Love Jealous One, Love
36 Misery Signals– Five Years
37 No Artist– Credits
Bonus Features
1 No Artist– The Unseen Intro
2 No Artist– TAYMH: Vol. I
3 No Artist– See You In Hell Pre
4 No Artist– BroCode Shorts