Vamps,The - Wake Up (Access All Areas)

Virgin 2015

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Produktzustand NEU OVP / sealed Boxset

Artist / Band: Vamps,The
Title / Titel: Wake Up (Access All Areas)
Label: Virgin 2015
Format: CD/DVD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed Boxset

CD-1 Wake Up
CD-2 Rest Your Love
CD-3 Volcano
CD-4 Million Words
CD-5 Windmills
CD-6 Stolen Moments
CD-7 I Found A Girl
CD-8 Be With You
CD-9 Burn
CD-10 Cheater
CD-11 Boy Without A Car
CD-12 Held By Me
CD-13 Half Way There
CD-14 Runaway
CD-15 Worry
CD-16 Coming Home
CD-17 Peace Off Mind
CD-18 Written Off
DVD-1 The Vamps Live At The O2 Arena