Varukers, the - Massacred Millions

Fall Out 2001

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Artist / Band: Varukers, the
Title / Titel: Massacred Millions
Label: Fall Out 2001
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

2.Lesson We Must Never Forget
3.Massacred Millions
4.Will They Never Learn
5.Persistance Resistance
6.Thatcher's Fortress
7.Animals an Animal
8.Bomb Blast
9.We Hint at Things Nuclear
10.Enter of a New Phase
11.Will They Never Learn [Live]
12.Enter of a New Phase [Live]
13.State Enemy
14.Never Let Go
15.Fear of Mankind
16.Stop the Killing
17.In South Africa

Bass – Graham Kerr
Drums – Warren Beecham
Guitar – Paul Miles
Vocals – Rat

Alternative versions and rarities recorded 1984-86 from the classic line-up