Vision Divine


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Artist / Band: Vision Divine
Title / Titel: Send me an Angel (Rhapsody A-HA)
Label: Atrheia 2002
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

01 Incipit
02 Send Me An Angel
03 Pain
04 Away From You
05 Black And White
06 The Call
07 Taste Of A Goodbye
08 Apocalypse Coming
09 Nemesis
10 Flame Of Hate
11 Take On Me (A-HA Coverversion)

feat. Fabio Lione (Rhapsody, Athena, Labyrinth)

Members: Fabio Lione, Olaf Thorse, Federico Puleri, Cristiano Bertocchi, Alessio „Tom“ Lucatti, Alessandro Bissa, Michele Luppi, Andrea „Tower“ Torricini, Mat Stancioiu, Matteo Amoroso, Andrew Mc Pauls, Oleg Smirnoff
Genres: Progressive Metal, Power Metal, Rock, Symphonic Rock, Heavy Metal, Melodic Death Metal

"Send me an Angel" is Italian Metal Band Vision Divine's second full-length joint released 2002 on Artheia 4 years after their founding in 1998. This is a great example of the band taking a risk at maximum success as they tried out more punchy but deeper and lucid vocals hard hitting symphonic melodic power metal passages. It is crying for an angel and the album delivers heavenly. The music being that angel stunning audiences all over the world with speedy diversity and leaving them in appetite for more!