Vital Remains

Horrors Of Hell

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Artist / Band: Vital Remains
Title / Titel: Horrors Of Hell
Label: Century Media
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

1. Of Pure Unholyness
2. Frozen Terror
3. Human Sacrifice
4. Resurrected
5. Fallen Angels
6. Excruciating Pain
7. Nochturnal Blasphemy
8. Vital Remains
9. Smoldering Burial
10. Morbid Death
11. Reduced To Ashes
12. More Brains
13. Slaughter Shack

Members: Tony Lazaro, Gaeton "Gator" Collier, Brian Werner, Tom Supkow,
Chris Dupont, Jeff Gruslin, Paul Flynn, Ace Alonzo, Joseph "Joe" Lewis, Rick Corbett, Chris Ross, Dave Suzuki, Thorn, Glen Benton, Scott Wily
Genres: American Death Metal,
"Horrors Of Hell" was released 2006 on Century Media and is a compilation of new and old Vital Remain works ranging from 89 demo tunes all the way to brand new productions. This wide array of death metal pieces is a great introduction to the band's works throughout the years after their great early success with their first two joints "Let Us Pray" and "Into Cold Darkness".