Walker, Brett

Spirit Junky

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Artist / Band: Walker, Brett
Title / Titel: Spirit Junky
Label: NL Distribution
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

1. Give Me Back Tomorrow 4:54
2. Something So Real 3:55
3. Until We Live Again 4:06
4. Round and Round 4:34
5. Sorry Just Ain't Enough 4:22
6. Halleluja 4:41
7. Calalia 3:59
8. Waking Up the Dreams 2:35
9. If You Only Knew 4:10
10. Living in Maybe Land 3:40
11. Southern Blue Sky 4:42
12. Rights To Yesterday 4:17
13. Remind Me 4:16
14. I'm the Best 2:23
15. Spirit Junky 2:03

Total Running Time: 58:37

Carl Brett Walker

Genres: Singer/Songwriter, Instrumental, Soundtrack, Rock, Pop

Despite Brett Walker completely producing, playing and singing this album by himself you get the impression of hearing a decent rock band from the radio with all that comes with it: poppy and catchy sounds that will brighten your mood on a long highway ride back home or massage your ears while you lean back, put up your legs and enjoy your tv dinner!